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IT Support

The world of Information Technology can be a minefield, plenty of jargon and an array of solutions that can be complex and baffling.

At Allware Systems, we transcribe the jargon, decipher the technological requirements that will be good for you business and present you with easy to understand solutions that will support you and your business strategically and practically.

One of the most important areas of our service is security and we take this extremely seriously.  We have invested heavily in this side of the IT business and pride ourselves on implementing robust data security options into all our IT solutions.

Another key to our 17 year success, is that we like to work closely with all our customers, getting to understand your business first.  We then offer a range of services that you can pick from to support your business.

For the client who requires one-off technical support, we provide a ‘pay as you go’ option.  Alternatively you can enter into a monthly or annual contract. The solution that is appropriate for your business is decided by you and we work with you to find the right support level.  You may also decide to have a fully outsourced IT Department solution.  Any of our services warrant the same levels of efficient and effective support.  Here are just a few of our services:

  • IT Helpdesq – our own in-house team of engineers and support personnel
  • Secure access to all your systems so issued can be resolved remotely
  • Server and network installations, whether local or remote
  • IT Consultancy including Cloud based solutions
  • Microsoft 365 and Small Business solutions

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Benefits of working with Allware

From the benefits of having your IT Managed by a provider, Allware Systems offer the additional services:

  • Fast and very secure cloud hosting systems based in the UK
  • Knowledgeable and friendly engineers and support staff – no jargon here
  • Enterprise level SPAM filtering for e-mail services
  • Virtual server solutions that make sure that you will have no downtime in your business
  • 2 Factor Authentication Access on many services
  • Website Hosting with very secure access and complete back-up solution
  • 24/7 support is available for those organisations requiring a complete up-time service
  • Ad-Hoc billing for the small organisation with less support requirements

These are just a few of the benefits when you work with Allware Systems.  Talk to us about your requirements and we will tailor a solution that is perfect for you.

Benefits of having Managed IT solutions
Some of the benefits of having your IT solutions outsourced are as follows:-

  • Disaster recovery policy and services are all external, less cost and overhead.
  • Strict Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) with the supplier enforce quick and prompt support and solution control – less downtime and cost
  • Cloud Storage lessens the chance of data being lost or hacked – backups are external, giving peace of mind
  • Software Updates are continually processed and monitored – a headache when updates have technical issues
  • Technical support on hand when performing software integration – embedding or linking new software solutions is the responsibility of the IT company
  • Engineers working with your organisation with a wide range of knowledge – no internal costs for training and development

These are just a few of the benefits of outsourcing your IT services.  Talk to us about your requirements and we will tailor a solution that is perfect for you.

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